Trump intervened into Blagojevich’s case


US President Donald Trump expressed his wish to sign commutation papers to set former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich free from prison who was convicted with extortion and bribery for a period of seven years. In 2018, Mr. Trump was interested in his exemption, relying on sufficient terms for officials.

Trump’s commentaries included some mistakes and underestimated the gravity of the crimes considering the efforts to sell a seat in the US Senate after the winning of Barack Obama for presidency.

Trump repeated the statements and bragging talk which Blagojevich had for the past years that caused the telephone tapping by FBI in 2008.

On Wednesday, speaking out in front of journalists, Trump said that Blagojevich was caught “over a phone call where nothing happens,” adding that former governor “shouldn’t have said what he said, but it was braggadocio.”

Judges and prosecutors, meanwhile, denied those statements. Many Illinois citizens seemed to be tormented because of such a prolonged and disgraceful story of political bribery in their states and were confused by Blagojevich’s acts.

Blagojevich is rumored to try to resell the nomination of the Barack Obama seat in the Senate for the participation in the campaign. The revelation of his anxious and curse talks on appointment of a new senator for the sake of the campaign found in the telephone tapping. Prosecutors claimed that crimes spread on the search of officials who were eager to pay for such a game.

One more statement considered extortion of money from a Chicago children’s hospital. CEO Patrick Magoon reported that Blagojevich menaced to abolish reparation for pediatric-care of $8 million if Magoon would not have given him $25 thousand. In 2015, a federal appeals court denied 5 of 18 convictions regardless his attempts of nomination to the pre-election campaign.

Besides, Trump was right in Blagojevich’s terms under prison, saying: “I think it’s enough: seven years.”

Blagojevich was caught in 2012 due to the fact his hair was dyed out turning out into grey as to the lack of proper care. In prison, he was participated in the band called “The Jailhouse Rockers,” that was run by a fan of Elvis Presley.

In 2011, Judge James Zagel condemned Blagojevich to 14 years of imprisonment. According to the fact, that politician who was found guilty must be behind bars for more of their $85 sentences, former Illinois governor should be free in 2024.

“The abuse of the office of governor is more damaging than the abuse of any other office, except the president’s,” Judge claimed.

Trump became interested in Blagojevich’s exemption in May, 2018, saying that he was accused of “being stupid, saying things that every other politician, you know, that many other politicians say.”

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