Trump doesn’t expect North Korea meddling in 2020 election


US President Donald Trump announced on Saturday that he did not think about possible meddling into his country’s domestic affairs from North Korea despite they have “hostile” relations.

Trump is looking to reduce tension with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un who is attempting to conclude a deal not to intervene in the upcoming 2020 American election.

“We’ll see about North Korea. I’d be surprised if North Korea acted hostilely,” Trump told reporters. “He knows I have an election coming up. I don’t think he wants to interfere with that, but we’ll have to see … I think he’d like to see something happen. The relationship is very good, but you know, there is certain hostility, there’s no question about it.”

According to the North Korean ambassador to the UN, Pyongyang does not need to conduct talks and calls off the negotiation with Washington. North Korea urged the United States to review its policy and cancel its sanctions against Pyongyang.

“We do not need to have lengthy talks with the U.S. now and denuclearization is already gone out of the negotiating table,” UN Ambassador Kim Song said.

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