Trump discussed a “new nuclear agreement” with Putin by phone


The US President Donald Trump had over an hour phone call with the Russian President Vladimir Putin with the question on a “new nuclear agreement”. It would be either a multilateral agreement between the U.S., Russia and China or prolongation of actual nuclear agreement between Russia and the U.S..

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that Trump urged Putin to put pressure on Pyongyang, and discussed the Venezuela crisis. Trump confirmed the necessity of a “peace transition” of power. Also, the Trump Administration’s appeals for shift regime in Caracas and threats of military acts towards Nicolas Maduro’s retirement have caused misunderstanding from Russia.

Sanders added that Political Leaders told about the Mueller’s report that cleared the Trump campaign from conspiracy with the Russian officials, and the US-Russian trade.

Overall, the U.S. and Russian Presidents had a “positive conversation” after which Donald Trump posted in Twitter that “getting along with Russia, China and everyone is a good thing.”

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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