Trump didn’t answer to Conway


A pair of President Donald Trump tweets condemning the espionage of his presidential campaign — by the opposition administration and the party — provoked criticism from President George Conway, husband of White House senior counsel, Kelliann Conway.

George Conway attacked the president with psychological diagnoses – “narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders” – breaking up against the president, who was considering trying to disrupt his elections and administration as an “ego”, and urging the president to pay the price of his “office” to act in his political “personal interests “.

“I became the president of the United States in one of the most difficult and consistent elections in the history of our great nation. My campaign was seriously watched by special services and democrats. … They voted to allow this investigation to proceed to its legal conclusion, without undue attempts to thwart him, if only so that we all could know what really happened and take steps to make sure that it never will not repeat. But since you swore to uphold the Constitution, but you put your own ideas about your own interests above national interests, which, apparently, you cannot understand or respect

President Trump did not honor Conway’s attack by replying on Twitter, which was not his form, although he publicly ridiculed his opponent as “Mr. Kelliann Conway.”

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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