Trump cuts salary of federal workers

US President Donald Trump has cut the salary increase of the Americans at the federal works up to 1%, relying on a “national emergency or serious economic conditions.”

«I have determined that for 2021 the across-the-board base pay increase will be limited to one percent,» Trump said in a message to Congress on Monday. «This alternative pay plan decision will not materially affect our ability to attract and retain a well‑qualified federal workforce.»

The correction will be valid in January next year providing the Congress adopts another law of the increase in the American salary. At present, the federal workers fuss and worry about the changes and condemn the President.

«Trump claimed we had the ‘Best USA Economy in History’ and cited ‘serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare’ to justify limiting pay increases for federal workers,» a Democratic Congressman wrote on Twitter.

Vesna News — official website