Trump continues escalation of investigation in the Intel agencies


Donald Trump charged Washington president to the U.S. intelligence community “quickly and to cooperate fully” with the Attorney-General William Barr in investigation of sources of long-term investigation of whether there was its campaign of 2016 in conspiracy with Russia, – reports NBС News.

This step on Thursday marked escalation of efforts of Trump on “investigation of investigators” as it continues to try to undermine conclusions of the special prosecutor Robert Müller against the background of the growing appeals of democrats to enter the procedure of an impeachment against Trump.

Sara Sanders’s press secretary said in the statement that Trump delegates to Barr “full and full powers” to declassify the documents concerning the probe that will facilitate its efforts on revision of sensitive prospecting bases of investigation. Such step can create new tension in FBI and other special services which historically resisted such requirements.

Barr already addressed John Durham an prosecutor in Connecticut to study origin of the Russian investigation to define whether there were methods of investigation and observation used during the probe, lawful and relevant. However Barr was directly involved, according to the person familiar with this question who was not authorized to discuss him publicly and also cooperates with the director of Director Gina Haspel, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Trump often said that his election campaign fell a victim of “espionage” though the prospecting community insisted that it worked lawfully, following results of the Russian investigation and controlling it by a court decision.

Ray resolutely objected to the publication the Congress last year of details of the confidential order on observation received by bureau for the former adviser of a campaign Carter Paige. The White House hotly persuaded republicans to disclose this classified information from Committee on investigation of the House of Representatives, believing that it can help to undermine investigation concerning Russia.

In spite of the fact that Wray cooperates with Barr in consideration of origin of the Russian probe, he is, it seems, inclined to declassification of the classified information which can disclose confidential sources or methods of investigators.

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