Trump asks South Korea for COVID-19 tests kits

Moon Jae In, president of South Korea, claimed that the US President Donald Trump has requested tests kits for COVID-19.

Statistics show that South Korea, which used to be one of the hardest-hit countries after China, has managed to bring the situation under control. The country has reportedly developed test kits that allow for faster diagnosing whether the patient contracted the disease.

In a televised interview, President Moon said that “President Trump of the United States… made a request to us for the urgent provision of quarantine items, such as diagnostic kits.”

The White House confirmed that the two leaders spoke over the phone, yet did not comment on whether such a request was made.

Previously Iran has requested South Korea to deliver test kits to the country, as its efforts to combat the coronavirus outbreak are not enough. Despite of the readiness of South Korea to send the necessary equipment to Iran, it cannot do so due to the US sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic. Thus, 80,000,000 people in Iran now have to wait for the US to lift the restrictions to get basic medical aid.

Vesna News — official website

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