Trump announced rates for Mexico in an attempt to stop migrants arriving in the US

Presidents Donald Trump announced on Thursday that a new tariff will be introduced in Mexico by 5 percent depending on the pressure on the country, which will help to stop the continuing influx of migrants from Central America to the US-Mexican border.

«June 10, the United States introduced 5% — all prices of goods entering our country from Mexico, until illegal migrants appear, and in our country stopped,» wrote Trump on Twitter, adding that «the tariff will gradually increase until the problem is fixed. «

The statement that this is the last step from the White House to try to prevent migrants, has benefited greatly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, to cross the territory of the United States through Mexico.

Trump announced rates for Mexico in an attempt to stop migrants arriving in the US

The 5% tariff will begin on June 10, but it will not be so if Mexico takes “effective measures” to mitigate the effects of “illegal migration”, which will be determined at our sole discretion and decision, a separate statement published by the White House shortly after Trump’s Tweet However, “if the crisis continues,” tariffs will rise to 10% on July 1, Trump said in a statement.

Tariffs will continue to rise to 15% on August 1, 20% on September 1, and 25% on October 1, if Mexico is not forced to reduce the number of migrants crossing its territory to the Mexican-American border. Similarly, it is stated that tariffs will remain at the level of 25% until Mexico “stops” the flow of migrants arriving in the US through its territory. Trump administration officials on Thursday called on Mexico to «step in» to stop the influx of migrants into the southern US border.

The increase in the number of migrants in recent months has led to overcrowding in certain border patrol sites and tensions in some local and charitable institutions in the United States along the southern border. In addition, the administration continues to confirm that migrant children are detained in public institutions.

The new president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, took a similar approach after taking office in December, when he would not do the «dirty work» in the United States. His government began issuing annual humanitarian visas to migrants arriving in Mexico, which allows them to work and cross the country without having to hire smugglers.

Stopped. The administration of Los Angeles stopped the visa program, ordered to serve carriers throughout the country, and also arrest and deport much more Central American migrants at the beginning. Currently, the operation against migrants is aimed at combating migrants. The police and open arms.

Lopez Obrador, in a letter on Thursday, criticized the new tariffs. He invited US officials to meet with Mexican officials in Washington.

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