Trump administration refused to cooperate with Democrats


The White House released a statement on its official website on October, 8, which says that President Trump’s administration would not cooperate with the Democratic Party as a part of the impeachment process.

“The President has done nothing wrong, and the Democrats know it. For purely political reasons, the Democrats have decided their desire to overturn the outcome of the 2016 election allows them to conduct a so-called impeachment inquiry that ignores the fundamental rights guaranteed to every American,” it reads.  

The White House official justified their position by the fact that this investigation is conducted behind closed doors and deprives the President of the right to call witnesses, interrogate, have access to evidence and many other main rights guaranteed by the constitution.

“The Democrats’ inquiry lacks any legitimate constitutional foundation, any pretense of fairness, and even the most elementary due process protections. Democrats are pursuing purely partisan goals, including influencing the upcoming 2020 election. In the process, they are violating civil liberties and the separation of powers, threatening Executive Branch officials with punishment simply for exercising their constitutional rights and prerogatives. For these reasons, the Executive Branch cannot be expected to, and will not participate in, this exercise of partisan political theater,” the statement says.

The impeachment proceeding of the US president began after the publication of a phone call between Trump and Zelensky. An American intelligence official regarded the call as an attempt to press Zelensky to achieve his political goals. A published transcript of the call confirmed Trump’s request to resume the investigation against Biden.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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