Trump administration provokes anti-American reaction worldwide

Trump administration provokes anti-American reaction worldwide And almost all of its foreign policy is at the mercy of the «allies.»

The only independent political initiative of recent times, says the Washington Post newspaper, is political games with North Korea. And then, most likely, to create the image of a “peacemaker” against the background of inflating the scale of the North Korean threat. However, after Pyongyang refused to play according to the scenario proposed by Trump, he lost all interest in this topic.

And the rest of the newspaper calls Trump’s foreign policy «subcontracting», which, as a developer in the past, he is well acquainted with.

Israel and Saudi Arabia act as “subcontractors” in the Middle East, and Washington sees its role there only in supporting their initiatives. The “leftist” regimes in Latin America are left to the “hawks” in the presidential administration, such as national security adviser John Bolton. And the rest of Latin American countries are considered solely in terms of immigration policy. Even in Mexico, where 66% of Mexicans favored the United States before being elected, the trust rating for the American president fell from 49 to 6% in the country. Although the Trump administration treats almost all countries in a way that provokes a nationalist and anti-American reaction, for some it even helps in domestic politics. So, the Iranian government still manages to endure the “economic storms” caused by the US sanctions precisely because it put the responsibility for them on the anti-Iranian policy of the Trump administration.

The newspaper notes that the American leader understands national interests very narrowly and does not think about the broader interests of the international community, and therefore — underestimates the potential for cooperation between countries and mutually beneficial ways to resolve conflicts. A direct consequence of this is the growth of instability, reduction of cooperation and the loss of profitable opportunities for the United States. “And this is the direct and logical consequence of the“ America First ”philosophy from Trump.”

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