Trump adds fuel to conspiracy theory


US President Donald Trump cannot be stay in the shadow while the discussion on the Epstein’s suicide. He is that politician who made his career by rumour about officials. For instance, Barack Obama’s origin, involvement of a rival’s father onto th John F. Kennedy murder, facts of the falsification of ballots during his election regardless his victory, illegal votes for Hillary Clinton, the US espionage for his campaign, etc.

He used Twitter as a platform for “fake news”  against media that charges for any announcements and facts. But the thing is that he often fudges his statements. Such last statements relied on the Epstein’s death, hinted on intervene of Clinton into his death.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway protected Mr. Trump justifying his wish of accurate investigation of the Epstein case.

“I think the President just wants everything to be investigated,” she said mentioning the suit of defamation against the dead revealed  on Friday that he kept Virginia Roberts Giuffre as a “sex slave”.

Angel Ureña, a spokesman for Bill Clinton, gave commentaries on Trump attacks over a conspiracy theory saying, “Ridiculous, and of course not true — and Donald Trump knows it.”

As to a strategic point of view, Trump would like to raise more political discussions on Hillary Clinton, recollecting how he hit her in 2016 regardless his loss of general election.


Former Representative Beto O’Rourke denounce on CNN that Trump did his best to “force you and me and all of us to focus on his bizarre behavior, instead of the fact that we just lost 22 people in this community, nine people in Dayton, Ohio, we’re seeing an epidemic of gun violence every single day in this country.”

Senator Cory Booker noted in the interview with Jake Tapper that the President must be back to the unreasonable statements about Clinton, saying the Trump’s tweet “reckless”, adding that Trump strategy to fan rumour reminds of interference of foreign governments  into the US Policy.

Apart from the issue on gun violence approved by the Democrats to aid the White Supremacy by Trump, addressed to the mass shooting in El-Paso that took 22 souls of citizens.


Tweeting, Trump might change the course of the conversation of the situation in the country but he was not ready to pay for it. In the case of his controversary treatment, he bothered the US intelligence community, economists and many citizens in hope to win the further election.

One of the popular political conspiracy is Barack Obama’s origin that was a serious problem for Trump, although many Americans did not trust him. As to immigration, the Americans believe in the identity of the country due to the Us openness, only 33% of the asked citizens said that it hurt the nation identity.

The US President must be ware of his publications as his social networks influence the favourable atmosphere in the country.

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