Trump about Pompeo and Ivanka: Beauty and the Beast

US President Donald Trump visited South Korea after the G20 Summit held in Japan. His daughter and adviser accompanied him to the Summit and was one of the representatives of the US at the meetings with the world leaders. Ivanka also led the US delegation in discussions on women’s economic empowernment, reported Sputnik News.

After the Summit President Trump and his team went to South Korea. Speaking to a crowd at Osan Air Base Trump called his daughter and the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the stage using nicknames, as he often does. This time Trump compared Pompeo and Ivanka to fairy tale characters “Beauty and the Beast.”

“Mike, come up here Mike. And you know who else I have here? Has anyone ever heard of Ivanka? Alright come up Ivanka. Come on. She’s going to steal the show. What a beautiful couple — Mike — Beauty and the Beast», said Trump.

Trump’s comments brought a storm of criticism from social media users. Many have suggested that thought “he was hosting the miss America pageant,” or a “reality TV show.” Others jokingly questioned: “Which one is the beast?” Yet, some Twitter users praised Trump for his sense of humor.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website