Top Republican says he supports impeachment inquiry

John Kasich, former Ohio governor and a top Republican, said he supported the ongoing impeachment investigation into the US President Donald Trump, 9News reported.

Kasich, who was a presidential candidate in 2016, but lost to Trump, however, added would not back up calls for removal of President Trump from office.

Previously Kasich said the impeachment inquiry was baseless and he did not see any evidence of Trump’s wrongdoings, yet the Republican changed his mind.

«The last 24 hours has really forced me to review all of this.»

According to Kasich, the “final straw” was that Trump administration chief of staff Mick Mulvaney admitted that Trump wanted to withhold military aid to Ukraine until the country agrees to investigate Joe Biden, former US Vice President and 2020 presidential nominee. “This is an extremely serious matter,” Kasich said. «I can understand why executives would withhold military aid if it was in the sense of public policy, but you don’t withhold military aid to anybody … for political reasons,” he added.

Mulvaney, though, claimed his statement was misinterpreted.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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