Tony Schwartz: “Art of the Deal” should be renamed “The Sociopath” 


Tony Schwartz, Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” co-author, has been criticizing Trump’s politics and the book they have written together. According to the latest tax information, Trump’s businesses lost more than $1 billion in 10 years (1980-1990), therefore, he did not pay income taxes for eight years out of those 10. Having heard the news Schwartz suggested that their book should be discontinued. 

“Given the Times report on Trump’s staggering losses, I’d be fine if Random House simply took the book out of print. Or recategorized it as fiction,” posted Schwartz on Twitter. In his interview with CNN he also stated that “The Art of the Deal” should be renamed “The Sociopath,” noting that such a title would fit because “that’s a window into why Trump doesn’t experience the kind of overwhelm of pressure and tension at the level you or I would, or most people would, because he has no conscience, he has no guilt. He does not experience the world in the way an ordinary human being would.” 

Schwarts thinks that reported losses suffered by Trump’s businesses are made up and that tactic is borrowed from Fred Trump. “Here is another guess I would make: He has never paid taxes,” said the author.

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