There was no FBI conspiracy against Trump

In ongoing efforts on removal from corruption and lawlessness of the president Donald Trump republicans and the correct media join his appeals to condemn FBI, claiming that investigation in Russia was «revolution» against it.

The statement does not make big sense as the investigation begun by FBI about intervention of Russia in elections of 2016 which turned into investigation of the special adviser Robert Müller could not be «revolution». Trump was not even the president when began, and ignoring of this fact, the only way which it will lead to Trump’s discharge from a position consists in application of powers of an impeachment of the Congress which is not revolution, and ordered transfer of power in a democratic system (that anyway will leave on the place of the elected vice president Trump).

But the idea that FBI and search community planned revolution against Trump on the basis of some evil texts and a set of the distorted and unreasonable claims was recorded on the right. And it will hardly dissipate in the near future. Having it in a look, readers should consider the following facts, all from which are based on indisputable proofs which resolutely show that the idea that FBI worked on blocking of presidency of Trump, is senseless:

1. FBI through James Comey almost for certain refused Trump’s elections.

The most obvious reason for which we can conclude that there was no plot of FBI undermining Trump’s chances of elections is in what, most likely, he made on the contrary.

Instead of torpedoing Trump’s chances, the director of FBI James Comey damaged Hillary Clinton’s shot in presidency, having said, less than in two weeks prior to the election day that it resumes investigation of her e-mail. Trump, of course, thought that this news helped him at that time because it celebrated it and advertized repeated opening of the probe. At the same time, when Trump dismissed Comey later, he used abuse of Clinton as dismissal justification.

2. FBI specially did not investigate Trump until he dismissed Comey.

Now you can tell that even if Comey did not justify Clinton’s chances, at least, some members of FBI planned a plot against Trump. Referring to the mysterious text message between the staff of FBI Pyotr Strzhok and Liza Page, conspirators sometimes claim that Trump’s investigation was «insurance policy» in case he will become a president. Poet. at, perhaps, they assumed that Clinton will win, as well as most of people, but they wanted to leave investigation to use it as weapon against Trump if it exchanges.

3. Apparently, harmful leaks from FBI — about Clinton took place.

There is also a fact that, based on comments of the person who will become Trump’s lawyer Rudi Giuliani FBI, appear, prosachivat the harmful assumptions of Hillary Clinton. As the The Washington Post newspaper reported then:

On October 26 Rudy Giuliani said in an interview to Fox News TV channel of Martha MacCallum that Donald Trump has «a surprise or two about which you will hear in the next two days.»

«I speak about some quite big surprise», — he told.

In two days the director of FBI James Comey reported to the Congress that his agents resumed investigation of use of Hillary Clinton of the private e-mail server while she was the Secretary of State after untied business agents found e-mails which can potentially be related to case of the server.

These comments which Giuliani clumsily receded later caused leak investigation later.

But after Komi told committee on investigation of the House of Representatives:

I was concerned by the fact that as it is represented, in mass media there is a number of stories which, perhaps, were based on messages of reporters or such nonresidents as Rudi Giuliani, with people in field department in New York. In particular, I want to tell that in the middle of October, maybe, a bit later, Mr. Giuliani made statements which, apparently, were based on his knowledge of work in FBI in New York. And then I remembered that there were also another stories which were in the same to the ballerina that gave me the general concern that we can have a problem with leak — a problem with unauthorized disclosure from New York and therefore I asked to make investigation.

4. Investigation of an election campaign of Trump was generally kept in secret.

Despite appeals of legislators, Komi kept investigation of an election campaign of Trump in secret during the election campaign of 2016. Some details about investigation filtered at that time, but they also were strongly splusnuta in favor of Trump, at the same time the New York Times newspaper printed notorious heading on October 31, 2016: «Donald Trump’s investigation, F.B.I. does not see accurate communication with Russia.» In the second paragraph it is told:

Law enforcement officers say that any of investigations still did not find any convincing or direct link between mister Trump and the Russian government. And even hacker attacks on e-mail of democrats, according to F.B.I. and the staff of intelligence agencies, were directed to disrupting presidential elections, but not to elect mister Trump.

From this story clearly that in spite of the fact that reporters came across something very real, at least, a part of its sources of FBI tried to slow down and prevent the report. The report does not say at all that FBI agents tried to carry out hit work for Trump by means of anonymous leaks. In it it was repeatedly claimed that FBI considers that attempts of Russia to interfere with elections are not intended to help Trump though the late bureau will draw a conclusion that, in fact, it was a part of intention.

5. Its estimated support on notorious Steel of the File (Steele Dossier)

A selection of the raw prospecting documents of the former agent of the British intelligence which put forward a number of seditious and thoughtless claims concerning Trump’s communications with Russia was one of the biggest signature stamps of republicans about investigation concerning Russia. As it was financed as an oppositional research against Trump, the Republican Party claims that his use of FBI was illegal. However extent of its use of FBI in test is still unknown, and even committee on investigation of the House of Representatives while republicans directed it, recognized that investigation already began before the bureau received the file.

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