The whole story about Russian hacking is a lie. Fraud of RUSSIAGATE – Part 1

Muller’s investigation

Author and presenter Matthew Ogden spoke on the topic of so called “Russiangate” with two members of the VIPS – the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity – Mr. Larry Johnson, who is a former CIA analyst and worked in the counterrorism department of the State Department, and has run a consulting firm for 25 years and the legendary Mr. William Binney, the former Technical Director of the National Security Agency.

William Biney: All “Russian hacking” is made by the forces of American intelligence.

In his speech at Binney said: “I would first address the DNC data that was posted by WikiLeaks. And that clearly showed evidence of a property called a FAT format file. That’s the file allocation table format, it’s a program, software used to read data to a storage device, either a thumb drive or a CD-ROM something like that, and as it does that, it changes the last modified time on each file to the nearest even second. It’s just a function of that program. When that occurs, all the times of last modified or changed on all the files. So, when we looked at all the DNC emails from 23rd, 24th, and 25th of May, all of them ended in evens.

And that was a little more than 500, but the random chance of that occurring, would be 1 change in the 500th power — in other words 1 chance in a 1 followed by over 150 zeroes. Meaning, it’s obviously — that was a factor that proved that that program was used to do that, and the program that does it is FAT — file allocation table format. That says that that data was downloaded to a physical device — either a thumb drive or CD-ROM, and then transported physically before WikiLeaks could publish it or put it on the web.

That said to us, that it wasn’t a hack from Russia, it was an inside job, or somebody close in that downloaded the data to a storage device and then took it physically. That also fit in with what former U.K. Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray said; he had said that he had met somebody in the American University campus, who was involved in the transfer of data to WikiLeaks. It also fit with Kim Dotcom came out recently and said that he helped certain people do that, to transfer data to WikiLeaks.

So that kind of said to us that this whole business about saying that the DNC data was a hack by Russia, was just a fabrication.”

And if I asked the NSA to show the proof that Russia did this, went on Biney, – “I would ask them for the trace routes of the packets from the DNC to Russia. They’ve got trace route packets on — with the Treasure Map program, the objective of which is to monitor and know where every device is in the world, all the time, every minute of the day. And they watch that, also with trace route programs, by the hundreds here in the U.S. and around the world. The whole idea there with the trace route program, is you can follow the packets as they move through the network. And you can keep that as a record, and that’s what they’re doing. they’re trying to use that to reconstruct the core network, for example, is one of the main things they’re using that for.

But also it gives you the evidence of — all you need is just one packet from the DNC data, and it gives you in the tcp ip format, it gives you all the addressing, where it’s going from, where originates from, where it’s ending up. You can see how to get through the network that way: you can see the timing for the different segments of the network, and so on. So I would ask them, very simply, “OK you’re saying the Russians hacked this? Where are the trace route packets, showing the packets going to the Russians?” And then again, where are the trace route programs showing the packets going from the Russians to WikiLeaks?” That’s what I’d say”.


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