The Washington impasse stops the movement of endless battles


Constant investigations and conflicts can be good for journalists who like scandals and for politicians with their passion for loud statements, but not for business.

All the plans and Affairs of President Trump became the basis for high-profile scandals.

Take for example the problem of immigration. Yesterday, the President presented an immigration plan. And immediately faced with skepticism from legislators in both political parties. He doesn’t even have a clear path to moving the plan through Congress.

The plan, which will favor legal immigrants with high skills over those with family ties, has already been the subject of battles and has ignited Democrats to unilateral immigration actions, including declaring a national emergency to pay for the border wall.

Then there was the abortion situation, an issue that became more politicized than ever. Alabama has just passed a law that banned virtually all abortions in the state, including rape and incest. It became the next subject for fights.

Liberal commentators and democratic presidential candidates all condemn this measure as an attack on women. Some conservative experts and the Republicans are defending the efforts of Alabama as of late.

Or take Iran. Newspapers are full of details about the behind-the-scenes power struggle after administration officials developed a contingency plan to send up to 120,000 troops to the middle East. Trump, coming out of the nuclear deal with Iran, attaches great importance to opposing this provocative regime.. So we have a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, but no real movement.

Endless wars lead to endless investigations. We’ve been through two years of Muller’s investigations, and both sides are still fighting the consequences. Now bill Barr has hooked up a Federal Prosecutor to investigate the sources of the FBI’s investigation of the trump campaign and Russia. More noise and rage. As a result of all this, the presidential campaign may start too early.

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