The Kremlin has responded to new U.S. sanctions


The international project, which involves a group of giant companies called “Nord stream-2” press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on us plans for new sanctions, reports

“The project has already been implemented in a large part, funding has already been provided in a large part, and it is moving at a fairly rapid pace,” the Kremlin representative said. “This project is in the interests of ensuring energy security in Europe, in the commercial interests of European producers, especially Germany,” he said. “And has nothing to do with politics,” Peskov added.

“President Putin has repeatedly stated that any actions aimed at preventing the project is an open manifestation of unfair competition,” the press Secretary of the Russian leader reminded. “What the US has been doing for a long time, which is unacceptable not only for us but also for Europe, as they have repeatedly stated,” he said.

On the question of whether the US can interfere, Peskov said that in many ways the project has already been implemented. “There is a certain confidence that it will be finalized and launched in the interests of European consumers of “blue fuel”, – he stressed.

Speaking about whether this topic will be discussed at the summit with the American leader Donald trump, the Kremlin representative said: “we have no information yet, whether anything will be discussed between Putin and trump at the G20 in Japan.” “The intention was expressed publicly, but no concrete actions have yet been taken to initiate the meeting,” he said. – Of course, if such a meeting is initiated, our President will be happy to hold it, and, obviously, the issues of energy security of Europe, it is possible, can be raised.”

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