Issue on census citizenship is no-win one for Democrats

According to the poll hold by, 73% of electors around the country  consider the issue on citizenship asked by the U.S. Census Bureau useful.

While, the Economist / YouGov poll showed that 53% believe that this question should be asked by the Census Bureau, 32% do not support this idea.

This ratio makes Democrats discussions no-win ones. If the Supreme Court put ahead the decision against the question on citizenship, Trump could get a strong issue from campaign to level up potential results of re-election. The candidacy importance of the Supreme Court will be focused by the campaign and supporters of the President will be thrilled.

Nevertheless, there is a subject that is tightly connected with another issues which put the Democrats in unpopular positions.

The thing is that 8 of 10 electors consider illegal immigration terrible for the U.S.. A lot of electors might be dissatisfied by Trump’s border crisis but they are aware of a serious problem. The majority came into conclusion that the Democrats are not.

The biggest problem concludes illegal and undocumented immigrants into account to award and develop Congress districts. If only legal citizens are considered, there would be less Democrats in Congress. It is connected with the States with high level of illegal residents that have extra seats in Congress because of the States that have a higher level of legal ones.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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