The House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff: we are interested in counterintelligence

As expected, the public testimony of Special Counsel Miller before the Congress will be completely open. This applies to those that he will give to the Judicial Committee. While the hearings in the Intelligence Committee will be partially open. Date of appearance there Muller is not installed.

Despite the fact that the Trump administration objects to Muller’s testimony before Congress, Schiff is sure that, since the Attorney General William Barr distorted Muller’s conclusions, the American people have the right to hear what the investigating person can say.

However, he added that he was more interested in the counter-intelligence aspects of the investigation, not for criminal prosecution, but in order to understand whether people around Trump and Trump himself were compromised as a result of connections with Moscow. He also stated that “the information regarding Russia-Trump dealings have not been forthcoming”.

Schiff also stated that “what we see: the president has no respect for the separation of powers, no respect for the truth, and no moral character, and that is a crisis of a different kind.”

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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