The heat index in the prisons is OK, says the federal judge

Some time ago a few attorneys of prisoners awaiting death row in Louisiana claimed conditions in the cells are too hard to stay in, as the temperature was above 88 degrees. The lawsuit declared staying in these cells could be possibly life-threatening and too harsh. U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson tried to manage the situation, claiming in 2016 that retribution like this is excessively vicious. But as it is lower than a maximum heat index, the rule was declined.

But the federal judge made a conditional dismissal of the lawsuit. It supposes convicts in Louisiana have access to individual ice containers and fans, water taps, according to the last year «substantial compliance». Also, they can shower daily and have other ways to cool themselves down. But as for the cell temperature, it doesn’t have to be reduced.

If no measures will be taken by both sides, the dismissal will become constant in November.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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