The head of the US Justice Department says that Mueller’s investigation proves nothing

Muller’s investigation

The press release of the United States Department of Justice on Tuesday gives the text of a speech by the Minister of Justice, the country’s attorney general, William Barr, at a hearing of the Senate Congress US law committee. It says that the Investigation by US Special Prosecutor Robert Muller failed to prove that the American leader Donald Trump obstructed the administration of justice. The hearing about it will be held on Wednesday.

Atfer studying the report prepared by Muller, Barr noted, he and his first deputy Rod Rosenstein concluded that no actions, looking like a crime were taken by the president.

The text says that “we concluded that the evidence obtained during the investigation of the special prosecutor is not enough to establish that the president committed a crime by obstructing the administration of justice.”

According to the minister, “from now on the response to the report is the prerogative of the American people and the political process.”

“As I am sure, you agree that for the Ministry of Justice it is extremely important to stand aside from the political process and not become its appendage,” Barr said.

He also told about the process of washing out of confidential information from the report on the results of the investigation into the circumstances of interference attributed to Moscow in the course of the 2016 American elections.

It says also “We did our best to make text deletion as limited as possible. According to one analysis, only 8% of the published report was deleted. As I understand it, less than 2% was withdrawn from the minimum outlined version provided to the leaders of the Congress”.

According to the Prosecutor General, the job of elimination confidential information from the text was done by lawyers from the Ministry of Justice who worked closely with the Muller. Barr, Rosenstei and representatives of the White House did not reject their decisions and did not request the seizure of any parts of the report.

Earlier, The Washington Post reported that Muller was unhappy with the way Barr and Rosenstein presented the key points of his report. According to the special prosecutor, in the main conclusion the minister “could not fully reflect the context, nature and content” of the investigation.

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