The Fund for the protection of national values is ready to provide financial assistance to Butina


The Fund for the protection of national values is ready to take on the financial payment of legal aid to the Russian Maria Butina on appeal against the verdict of the American court, the official statement of the head of the Fund Alexander Malkevich, – reports РИА Новости.

Maria Butina was sentenced to 18 months in prison, of which 9 have already spent behind bars. If she hadn’t pleaded guilty, she’d be facing years in prison. According to the open database of the Federal Bureau of prisons, the preliminary expiration date for Butina is November 5.

It is noted that the Fund is currently negotiating with the organization “anti-Globalization movement” to transfer the necessary funds to pay for the services of a lawyer and the subsequent conduct of human rights activities in the interests of Butina.

Putin called the sentence Butina lawlessness

“Since the detention of the Russian woman in July 2018, the US authorities have used inhumane measures against her and violated her rights to obtain the necessary information and use them in the political plane. Since that time Maria Butina is in inhuman conditions and waits for transfer to Federal prison where will serve a term till November 5 of the current year. The Fund for the protection of national values will do everything possible to provide the necessary assistance to the compatriot and restore her rights in accordance with international standards,” the Fund said in a statement.

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