The Democrates perhapes made a fatal mistake

Despite clear opposition from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives, the desire for imperialism by President Donald Trump, which can be opened both inside and outside the Congress, seems to be gaining momentum.

In the Judicial Committee, the House of Representatives, where the impeachment procedure will begin, Chairman Jerry Nadler (New York) is in favor of starting the process in recent days, reports The Hill, although Pelosi is holding him back. It is reported that he was more disappointed that the entire opposition administration was investigating Congress.

Others have long been calling for impeachment. For example, a spokesman for Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) said: «We are going to announce this motherly fact» about Trump in January. She said that Trump needed an impeachment.

“This is about what is now for our country,” she said. «This will be a precedent that we will create when we do not assume that this president is responsible for the supremacy of human rights and for the constitution of the United States.»

However, there is still a strong opposition in the party, which in turn cannot rush it. I would like you to have strained legs and excessive positioning of the rest of the game, perhaps you have the potential utility that could have such a process.

Consider the comments of two members of the Democratic Chamber, who now strongly support the impeachment.

“I think we’re at a point of inflection,” said Mary Scanlon, a spokeswoman for Mary J. Scanlon, who is the vice-chair of the judicial committee. She spoke in support of impeachment procedures last week. “We are no longer dealing with a president who obstructs Muller’s investigation.”

Democratic spokesman Tom Malinowski (Tom Malinovsky) from New Jersey also recently advocated impeachment.

“I know it was enough,” he said on CNN on Monday. — We have a higher responsibility. Muller told us that this is bad. To force people to challenge legally binding requirements. We are talking about the use of the Ministry of Justice, and now the intelligence community against official presidential candidates. Every day, millions of Americans tried to set up against law enforcement officers in our country.

Party to impeach. They say it is «bad enough». However, since the publication of Rector Muller, Trump has done nothing.

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