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The most important day in the history of the World is May 9 – the Victory Day. It is as sacred as the day of mourning in Israel. The expression of generation’s memory about the horrors of war can be different. On this day we both mourn and celebrate with tears and kneeling deference.

On May 2, 1945 Berlin was conquested. But the fascist troops resisted for another week. The German Instrument of Surrender was signed on May 9th ( 00:43 Moscow time, May 8, 22:43 Central European time) 

Then the bloody slaughter called the Great Patriotic War was brought to a stop. With pride and dignity we remember the heroes who gave their lives for us. It is a huge price that was paid for a peaceful sky and the opportunity for us to be born. Unfortunately, civilized, developed, and at the same time, maximally democratic society, just as it is trying to be, in fact is embittered and in pain. Increasingly the lines of news headlines “decorate” the words about the inevitable clash between West and East, and military-political analysts talk about the fate of the winners and losers. All points to one thing – humanity is taking giant steps towards something irreversible. 

Today, each one of us is obliged to answer an important question – “is this the world our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers shed their blood for?” 

History shows that even in a situation of global confrontation, one can find a common ground in the name of the common good. For example, the Anglo-Soviet Agreement on joint action against Germany and its allies, which was signed on July 12, 1941, then the USSR government signed agreements with Czechoslovakia and Poland, and the Lend-Lease Act – an agreement with the US, 1941, that provided the Soviet Union and its allies with aid and military equipment. The contribution of each country into achieving victory was different, but we managed to find a common language. At that time the unifying factor was the Fascist Germany. Today we all need to unite efforts in the fight against those trying to build a watershed between the “two worlds”.

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