The budget for 750 billion approved by the Senate Committee


The Senate Armed Services Committee agreed on the defense budget for 2020, committee leaders Jim Inhofe and Jack Reed reported in a press release.

“The bill provides for the allocation of 750 billion dollars in the fiscal year 2020 for national defense, in accordance with the budget request (administration),” – said in a statement.

This is the end: a bomb for 243 trillion dollars was laid under the world economy

In particular, the base budget will amount to 642.5 billion dollars, another 23.2 billion will be spent on the military programs of the Department of Energy, which is responsible for nuclear weapons. In addition, it is planned to allocate $ 75.9 billion for unforeseen operations abroad.

Also in the agreed budget, 10 billion dollars were allocated for the purchase of 94 F-35 aircraft, which is 16 more than the administration requested. Also, 24 billion dollars will be spent on the construction of 12 new warships.

The budget is to be discussed by the full Senate, and in adoption, it should be coordinated with the version being developed in the House of Representatives. After the congress finally approves the military budget, it must be signed by President Donald Trump.

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