Talking about Russian-American relations is not accepted, yet they do exist

Adviser of the US president Donald Trump, Fiona Hill, and a delegation from the White House arrived to Moscow, says Russian newspaper “Kommersant” It is not her first visit to Russia as Trump’s adviser, but none of the visits was publicly announced, states the newspaper. According to the reports, Russian Security Council and the US National Security Council officials met earlier in order to discuss possible cooperation between Moscow and Washington, focusing on security and other international issues. 

Grigory Yarygin, head of the American Studies Department at St. Petersburg State University, explained in his interview with Sputnik “This visit will definitely be criticized in the US due to the current Russian-American relations. It would not be accepted now, at least publicly, trying to establish any relations with Russia. Even though many tend to realize the importance of such relations.” In his opinion, Washington is ready for a discussion with Moscow, yet, internal issues do not let it happen.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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