Stavridis proposed to ban Russians from entering the US

Former commander-in-chief of the NATO Joint Armed Forces in Europe, James Stavridis, proposed strengthening the sanctions regime against Russia.

In his article for the Times magazine, a retired admiral called for wider restrictions on «travel for Russian citizens to the United States for any purpose.»

He believes that the US should not dwell only on restrictive measures in relation to Russian business. Therefore, he proposes to extend sanctions to sports teams from Russia, musical groups and diplomatic delegations. In addition, he considers it necessary to introduce targeted sanctions against «key leaders in Russia.»

At the same time, Stavridis believes that the United States should cease cooperation with Russia on a number of international projects. Here he included the restoration of Syria and the regulation of oil prices.

«There are other forms of response. Especially, given the» fatigue from sanctions «observed in Congress, as Senator Marco Rubio acknowledged,» the former commander-in-chief said and stressed that Washington can «support both individuals and groups in Russia, seeking democracy. «

Stavridis is sure that the existing restrictive measures are not enough, because they affect only a relatively small group of Russians.

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