Star of «House of Cards» was accused of sexual harassment

On Wednesday the Massachusetts Prosecutor’s Office announced the closure of a criminal case against actor Kevin Spacey. According to the prosecution, the lead actor of the popular TV series “House of Cards” was accused of sexual harassment of an 18-year-old young man which occurred at a bar in Nantucket, Massachusetts in 2016. The case was dropped after the alleged victim refused to testify.

The prosecutor’s office said that the decision to drop the case and withdraw the charges over the Oscar winner was made after the victim had exercised the constitutional right not to testify against himself.

Spacey’s lawyers accused the victim that he destroyed the evidence that could serve as the proof of Spacey’s guilt. Advocates of the actor claimed that the plaintiff had destroyed some text messages stored in his phone.

During the hearings, the author of the lawsuit against Spacey took advantage of the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, which allows not to testify against himself. The young man whose name was not revealed claimed that he had lost the phone, and could not present it to the investigation, as a result.

Spacey himself initially rejected to plead guilty. His lawyers called the charges «clearly false.» Mitchell Garabedian, who represented the interests of the victim, said that his client «showed great courage in difficult circumstances.«

The accusations against Spacey were filed after the actor Anthony Rapp blamed the star of the series the «House of Cards” for Kevin Spacey’s attempts to seduce in 1986. Following exposures led to Spacey’s exclusion from the cast of the “House of Cards”, in which he played the main role. In addition, all the scenes with the actor were cut out from the movie «All the money of the world«.

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