Shooting at US ICE office – 4th incident in a month


A shooting at US Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in San Antonio, which happened on Tuesday night and left no injured, was the 4th anti-ICE incident in nearly a month, reported NBC News Wednesday.

ICE said that the incidents happen for “political rhetoric and misinformation” about current Administration policies on immigration and detention.

Christopher Combs, FBI agent, claimed that in case the bullets “gone two inches in another direction, we could be here today talking about the murder of a federal official.”

“All of the shots that we have found are on the floors where ICE had offices,” Combs said. “They knew what floors ICE was on, they knew what buildings they were in, and they hit those.”

“We cannot allow political discourse to lead us to the point of violence, where federal employees, innocent people doing their jobs, are put in harm’s way,” he added, noting that there may be further attacks.

Ken Cuccinelli, US Citizenship and Immigration Services Acting Director, responded to a tweet by Anna Giaritelli, a reporter who stated that the shooting is the 4th incident and listed dates and places of three other anti-ICE attacks, and posted a photo showing a bullet hole from the night incident. “@USCIS stands with @ICE as they work to enforce our laws and keep Americans safe,” he wrote.

Many Twitter users who commented on the tweet suggested that the assault was inspired by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, freshman Democratic congresswoman, who has been long criticizing the US President Donald Trump and his immigration policies.

“Besides the gunmen themselves, the blame for these attacks against ICE lie firmly at the feet of @AOC.”

 “So @AOC and other Dems incitement of violence against ICE has worked.”

“Thanks to AOC and most of the ice hating Democratic presidential candidates. They are inciting riots and hate in this country they should be held accountable.”

When asked what led to the shooting, Daniel Bible, top ICE official in San Antonio, said that “we’ll know more” when the investigation is finished.  

Later the same day ICE office in San Antonio issued a statement: “Political rhetoric and misinformation that various politicians, media outlets and activist groups recklessly disseminate to the American people regarding the ICE mission only serve to further encourage these violent acts.

ICE officers put their lives on the line each and every day to keep our communities safe. The disturbing public discourse shrouds our critical law enforcement function and unnecessarily puts our officers’ safety at risk.”

One person was detained for questioning, but released later.

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