Sergey Lavrov: US politicians are trying to outdo each other in fueling Russophobia

While Moscow and Washington are trying to work on improving the bilateral relations, the chances are not going up as Russia is still blamed for every controversy in America, reported RT Wednesday.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated Tuesday that US-Russian relations would not get any better for another year or maybe longer. According to Lavrov, American politicians, including 2020 presidential candidates, are spreading anti-Russian sentiment.

«Many US politicians are trying to outdo each other in fueling Russophobia, using this factor in their internal political struggle. We understand that it will only get more heated as the 2020 election inches closer,” he stated.

Lavrov noted that the US-Russian relations may get better only after the 2020 election but claimed that American policies towards Russia are «inconsistent and often unpredictable.» Lavrov also added that Russia is constantly putting effort into finding common ground and stepping up its mutual dialogue with the US.

“Cooperation between us is the key moment in ensuring stability and predictability in international affairs – but not everything depends on us: it takes two to tango.”

Lavrov also commented on rising tensions between the US and Iran. He said that the current situation is the «direct consequence of Washington’s and some of its allies’ anti-Iranian line.”

“The US is flexing its muscles, it has launched a campaign to discredit Iran, has accused the Islamic Republic of all the sins,” Lavrov said. “The responsibility for the potentially catastrophic consequences would be on the US.»

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website