Sergei Shoigu invites NATO teams to participate in International Army Games

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu invited NATO member countries to participate in International Army Games, Russian News agency TASS reported.

In an interview with Rossiya-1 Shoigu said that Russian men serving in the armed forces will be looking forward to competing with NATO servicemen.

“We will be glad to welcome any NATO member at our games. We will be glad not only to greet them here, but also to take a look at hteir equipment, to see what they are capable of,” he stated.

“In other words, it would be better to learn more about each other here than to wait for another opportunity to emerge. An opportunity of a different kind would be undesirable,” he added.

Shoigu’s comments come as the 5th International Army Games ended on August 17. Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement that this year the Games were attended “by 1 million 36,385 people.”

223 teams from 39 countries participated in the International Army Games, held on August 3-17 and hosted by Russia, Belarus, Armenia, India, Iran, China and other countries.

“We have already reached the stage of competition among design bureaus and technologies. In her, we also test fuel, motor oils, ammunition, guiding mechanisms, communications, engines and driving gears. The list is huge,” said Shoigu.  

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