Sergei Ryabkov: Washington blatantly ignores Moscow concerns on New START Treaty


Sergei Ryabkov, Russia’s deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that the US does not seem to be willing to extend the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, media reports say.

Speaking at the 4th Nonproliferation Conference in Moscow, Ryabkov said that Russia was “very concerned about the prospects for the New START Treaty, which expires in February 2021, the last instrument in control over the strategic offensive arms of” Russia and the US.

According to Ryabkov, Moscow is ready to extend the Treaty and has already voiced its concerns on the issue, yet the US intentionally dragging its feet. Ryabkov noted that the agreement is “the only reasonable step that would prevent a final degradation of the situation in the field of strategic stability.”

“Washington blatantly ignores our concerns. All that looks as if the United States is dragging its feet, if not downright, looking for an excuse to get rid of the New START right after tearing up the INF Treaty.”

The conference on Nonproliferation held in Moscow and set to end Saturday November 9th gathered about 300 diplomats from different countries, including the US and North Korea.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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