Sergei Lavrov: Unacceptable to use Middle East for point-scoring

Sergei Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation, said that the region of Middle East shall not be used as a field of geopolitical race.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference Sunday, Lavrov stated that it is unacceptable to use Middle East and terroristic groups to achieve certain objectives. The Foreign Minister went on to say that in order to sustain stability and security of the Euro-Atlantic region countries should cooperate and combat terrorism, human trafficking, illegal migration, and other issues. According to Lavrov, as a result of war conflicts in the Middle East some of the current issues are threatening to the global stability.

«The international community should create comfortable conditions for peoples of countries of the region to solve problems through the inclusive national dialog without outside interference. I consider unacceptable to transform the territory of these countries into the theater of geopolitical competition and point-scoring. Likewise, to use terrorists for achievement of lucrative geopolitical goals,” Lavrov said.

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