Senate Dem calls for hearing

“We must initiate an investigation, solicit testimony from informants and place responsibility on these distracting conditions on individuals,” said Mr. Richard Blumenthal.

Calls for a congressional hearing appeared after the publication of investigations in NBC News in partnership with an international consortium of investigative journalists and interceptors who documented the widespread use of a single sentence for immigrants used in prisons throughout the country.

“This report should shock the conscience of every member of Congress,” Shevchenko said in a statement to NBC News on Friday. «Putting immigrants fleeing a radical life in solitary confinement, alone and in any human contact for several days, weeks, months, is inhuman. It is non-American.»

The investigation found that the immigration and customs services regularly force people to solitary confinement, often for reasons that do not have any requirements to violate any rules.

Only half of the 8,500 cases of solitary confinement in the period from 2012 to 2017 were related to the punishment for breaking the rules. The second half was made up of reports of people who are mentally ill or disabled — they were isolated largely due to the fact that ICE was named the reason for security, according to documents received by NBC News and its reports.

The subject of chronology has led to the fact that the employee of the National Security Service of the United States can not use the psychological diseases and other vulnerable people in custody in ICE.

“We have created and continue to maintain a system that involves widespread violence against people,” said this employee, Ellen Gallagher. She discovered that ICE used solitary confinement

«I pay tribute to the courageous revelation that he came forward,» Shevchenko said on Friday. «We have to start an investigation, ask for the testimony of informants.»

Blumenthal began calling for a congressional investigation several hours after the story was published on Tuesday, stating that «Congress should seek testimony from DHS informers and investigate.»

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