Sen. Kennedy about Nancy Pelosi: It must suck to be that dumb

US Senator John Kennedy claimed that the US President Donald Trump has made a number of great improvements for the country, yet House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still trying to impeach him in response, media reports state.

Speaking at a Trump’s rally in Louisiana, Kennedy said that ‘in three short years President Trump has doubled the growth in the greatest economy in all of human history.” He then went on to state that House Speaker, who is a Democrat, is trying to impeach President Trump for nothing.

«I don’t mean any disrespect but it must suck to be that dumb,» Kennedy said about Pelosi.

Pelosi launched official impeachment inquiry into President Trump last month after a whistleblower’s complaint alleging that Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate his political rival Joe Biden. House Democrats are now planning to hold open hearings so Americans get to know more information.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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