Second mass shooting of weekend in US


Nine people killed in Ohio mass shooting early Sunday, reported The Hill.

Hours after a massive shooting in El Paso a shooter killed nine people near a bar in Dayton, Ohio. The shooter was killed by police and has not been identified yet.

The gunman, who was wearing body armor, opened fire in a nightlife area injuring dozens of people. The police responded very quickly. Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley said in a statement later the same day that “hundreds of people in the Oregon District could be dead today” if the police had not responded in less than a minute.

“Dayton has been through a lot already this year, and I continue to be amazed by the grit and resiliency of our community,” Whaley said.

Witnesses who talked to the reporters said that the Ned Peppers Bar was the place “where you don’t have to worry about someone shooting up the place.”

“People my age, we don’t think something like this is going to happen,” said 23-year-old Nikita Papillon. “And when it happens, words can’t describe it.”

President Trump praised the police for responding speedy. “Law enforcement was very rapid in both instances,” the President tweeted referring to shootings in Ohio and El Paso. “God bless the people of El Paso Texas. God bless the people of Dayton, Ohio,” he added.

Gun control group ‘Moms demand action’ marched through Washington Saturday night in response to the El Paso shooting, calling for gun control legislation.

The shooting becomes the fourth mass attack in one week.


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