Sanders stood for elimination of private insurance


Bernie Sanders stood for his view on the elimination of private insurance at the interview with Jimmy Kimmel who worried about it would be an “impossible sell” to electors.

Sanders apprised of health care expressed gratitude to his popular commentary on that issue in 2017.

“Well, it seems obvious that we should make sure that people have health care,” Kimmel said.


“It is obvious to you, it is obvious to me, it is obvious to most people,” Sanders answered, questioning  “why is it that we are the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all people, why over 80 million people are uninsured or underinsured… and the answer is – it gets back to the power and the greed of these major multi-national corporations who couldn’t care less about working people.”

The Senators is definitely aware of taking a decision in accord with a health care system, “whose major function is to provide quality care to all people as a right or do we continue with the system we have right now.”

He noted the expansion of Medicare that is well-known for senior people and for all people at all. Nevertheless, they still carry on a “dysfunctional, expensive system.”

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