Russophobia at government level, Latvia’s modern realities

The President of Latvia Egils Levits claimed that it is necessary to regulate television in Latvia. To resolve such an initiative, he asked the parliament and offered to establish the restrictions of the use of the Russian language on the Latvian television.

Also, he offered to popularize the common European values to the Latvians and set the minimum percentage of the broadcast in the European languages by 80. The most ridiculous is the fact that the issue is pretty controversial because the majority of the population watch television in the Russian language and the popularity of the European languages in the Republic remain at a low level.

Thus, the contradiction between the government and the nation appears as having completely different views concerning the language policy.

However, this issue has been already approved by the parliament and, thereby, it is not expected to be delayed. Also, there is another side – a commercial one that is always in the center of attention. It is obvious that the Republican authorities are trying to take media under control through such actions so that allegedly loses the possibility to compete.

If considering the issue reasonably, such a step is pretty logical and natural as the education in Russian completely destroyed and Latvia will become a total “European” country step-by-step. The situation is likely to worsen for those who do not want to accept the new reality and change its native Russian language to already replicated European one which has enough indirect treatment to Latvia.

The funniest point in the issue is the fact that Levits does not want to replicate his highly favourite Latvian language but wants to teach his nation other languages in order to successfully leave their native country.

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