Russian envoy to Netherlands says US, Ukraine failed to provide evidence on MH17 crash


The US and Ukraine have not provided the requested data on the MH17 crash, reported Sputnik Wednesday.

The Joint Investigation Team formed to investigate the crash of the Malaysian MH17 flight in 2014 has requested the US and Ukraine to provide it with the data retrieved through radars, but did not get a response. Russian Ambassador to the Netherlands Alexander Shulgin commented on the matter and said that “Americans and Ukrainians have not yet provided the information that they have been requested to provide. Ukraine has invented some unthinkable fable that all of its radar installations were put on routine maintenance on the day of the catastrophe. And the investigators have accepted this fable as ultimate truth.”

Shulgin noted that Russia has provided the JIT with all the information it had on the matter, including the radar surveillance. He said that the JIT has not yet requested Russia to extradite any individuals suspected of being involved.

“We have not received such a request from the Dutch and are unlikely to receive it. They are well aware of what our legislation states on this matter and are therefore unlikely to address our embassy”, he stated.

The MH17 was down on July 17, 2014, over Eastern Ukraine, no survivors. Ukrainian officials blamed it on Russia. Having conducted the investigation JIT concluded that the plane was hit by a Russian-made missile system BUK. According to the probe conducted on the Russian side, the BUK which shot down the MH17 was made in USSR and delivered to Ukraine in 1991. JIT did not take that fact into consideration.

Russian envoy to Netherlands says US, Ukraine failed to provide evidence on MH17 crash

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