Russian Ambassador to the USA: dialogue between Putin and Trump helps to consolidate peace


As the TASS news agency reported, the Russian ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, believes that the dialogue between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Donald Trump is very important for maintaining calm in the world.

“Do you know what is important? What the two presidents [Putin and Trump] are talking about,” Antonov said in an interview with the Russian service of the British broadcasting corporation Bi-bi-si. “As I understand it, the tone of the conversation is constructive. They talked much longer than the stated time.”

“I was criticized for my positive assessments, but I always stressed: it’s very important that the two leaders of the leading nuclear states talk and solve problems of strategic security,” the diplomat continued. “How often the world sleeps depends on how often they talk.”

The ambassador stressed that the situation in Russian-American relations is “very difficult.” “Attempts by some US politicians to play the map of internal problems and make Russia responsible for everything created and still create such a toxic background,” he added.

According to the Kremlin’s press service, Putin and Trump discussed the bilateral relations with an emphasis on economic cooperation on May 3 at the initiative of the American side, and confirmed their mutual intention to intensify dialogue in various areas, including strategic stability.

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