Russia, Syria ask international community to force US to leave Middle East


Both countries Russia and Syria have asked the international community to force the United States to pull out its military forces from northeastern Syria, TASS reported.

“We call on the entire international community to pressure the US, which continues to violate norms of international law by maintaining its presence on illegally occupied territories of Syria, and to obligate the US to withdraw all its troops from the sovereign Syrian Arab Republic,” the statement says.

The United States is staying in the Middle East illegally, occupying a 55-km territory along al-Tanf, obstructing from refugees setting free at the Rubkban camp. Although the two protesting countries are willing to carry out

According to the UN plan on evacuating the camp residents, Russia and Syria are allowed to set free about 2500 people at a time, they managed to release only 336 people.

“The reason for that is the unwillingness of the US to influence the militants under its control, who sabotaged the alert of the upcoming action, restricted the duration of stay of the humanitarian convoy, engaged in extortion and directly threatened families wishing to leave the camp,” the statement adds.

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