Russia should request return to G7 first

Russia should request return to the G7 first, a high-ranking official of the Trump Administration claimed.

«With regard to Russia, Russia was suspended from what was then the G8 for reasons that are well known. There has been discussion, I believe, coming from the French to about when it would be time for Russia to rejoin, if ever,» he said.

«So that may very well come up, but the key factor here is that the Russians themselves have not asked to rejoin. So I would expect that should happen first,» he added.

The official reminded of Trump who noted that it would be better if Russians took into account that the G7 was spending enough time on negotiations concerning security and economics.

«But he’s not necessarily opining one way or the other, and we don’t really have anything further to add at this time,» he said.

In his words, the U.S. expects the possible participation of Russia will be discussed by leaders of both parties.

As UNIAN said that the US President would endorse Russia to be back to the group.  French President Emmanuel Macron, meanwhile, thinks that is would be better when Ukrainian crisis finished. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that there were no grounds to remove Russia from the G8, thus, any requests of rejoining are premature.

However, Russia does not consider the perspectives to rejoin the G7. It intends on participation in the G20 and other formats of cooperation with the leading countries.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website