Russia expressed support for Transitional Council


Russia expresses support for the reached agreements between the Sudanese military and the opposition on the formation of the Transitional Council on running the country. It is stated in the Wednesday message by the Russian Foreign Ministry according to the meeting between the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation on the Middle East and African countries, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov and Sudanese Ambassador to Moscow Nadir Babiker.

The attention was paid to recent situations in Sudan,” the ministry noted. “From the Russian side, support was expressed for agreements reached by the Transitional Military Council and the civic opposition to form the Supreme (sovereign) council to run the country before the general elections.”

In this context, the parties also discussed “the issues on further strengthening multifaceted cooperation for purpose of stabilisation the situation in the friendly Republic of Sudan as soon as possible,” the diplomacy said.

On July 5, during negotiations the Sudanese Military Council and the opposition reached an agreement on the establishment of a governing body for the transitional period before the elections. The parties agreed to create a “sovereign council” of civilian and military representatives, which would operate for at least three years. They also agreed to form an independent government and start investigating the acts of violence that have occurred in recent weeks.

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