Russia can help to «upgrade» Persian Gulf

Nowadays, Russia is the only country that is negotiating with all the capitals of the Gulf countries and is ready to receive their diplomatic representatives. The aim is to help these countries to find the benefits of cooperation and take a practical course on the establishment of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in the Persian Gulf.

There are few regions on our planet that would be unanimously considered as a global zone of strategic interests. The Persian Gulf is one of such places –the most ancient and outstanding. Since ancient times, the region has witnessed bloody wars and military armadas that came from all over the world.

In modern and recent history, new conflicts have arisen that are based on old claims: the struggle for wealth and natural resources, title to land, water, and air. Only one area of ​​water resources amount to 250 thousand square kilometers. Less than 5% of the world’s population lives on the territory, and this place contains 60% of oil reserves and 40% of world gas reserves.

No wonder that new wars have occurred there for the last decades: the war between Iraq and Iran (1980-1988), the Gulf War I (1990) and the Gulf War II (2003), the battles of neighboring countries.

If not to take the situation under control, the issues related to borders, commodity circulation and resources can lead to the destruction of the region and its vicinity. In fact, border disputes seize the entire region. All of them without exception are connected with the factor of natural resources.

In this case, it is important to wonder how to maintain security in the region and set it free from the damnation of enormous resources, ensuring prosperity, sustainable development, stability and, most importantly, peace. Such a breakthrough to another reality requires effective relations both between internal and external interested actors.

However, the breakthrough to a higher level requires compliance with a number of rules, including respect for the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of states, as well as the settlement of border disputes through dialogue; decrease in military tension; weakening the internal crisis by strengthening respect for human freedom and fundamental rights.

In this case, it is important to note the plan provided by Russia several months ago, which was mentioned in the Gulf Security Concept to clarify the creation of an Organization for Security and Cooperation in the Region. This approach is aimed precisely at gradually leveling the existing problems and the development of the region. If the world community is really interested in the security of the Persian Gulf, it should support the project.

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