Russia blames UN Secretary General for not acting over US-Russia visa dispute

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement blaming the Secretary General of the United Nations for not taking any measures as the United States keeps delaying and rejecting visas to Russian representatives.

The US and Russia have been in a dispute over issuing countries to the diplomats. The US have previously accused Russia of starting the “visa war,” yet Russia denied the accusations claiming they were baseless as the US diplomats did not apply for the visas when accusing Russia of restricting them entry.

The US has first denied entry to Russian diplomats who were supposed to attend the General Assembly of the United Nations held in New York, later the country did the same to a number of other Russian representatives.

Moscow claimed that its diplomats cannot take on their duties over Washington dragging down the process of issuing visas. Some of the diplomats are reportedly forced to withdraw over not being issued new visas. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that such actions of a foreign government are considered to be “sabotage.”

“Americans exploit this sort of ‘administrative pressure’ in their ‘unfair competition’ to force Russians from certain posts and putting their own military into these positions,” the Ministry said in the statement.

The Ministry went on to blast the UN Secretary General claiming he is “clearly turning a blind eye” to the US blatant actions meant to force Russian officials out of their positions.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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