Rudy Giuliani joined an election campaign of Trump as the calming influence


It is expected that the personal lawyer of the president Donald Trump will join an election campaign of 2020, despite the television skirmishes causing horror.

The employee of the White House complained in January that Rudy’s often occupies more than one person to clean, but Trump can give it onboard as the calming presence and political communication, Politico reports.

“The president is most effective when he in excellent mood, and to it it is cheerful on the pre-election route, and Rudi adds to it”, – the adviser of a campaign of Trump who recognizes that Giuliani can also create many problems told. “I think that it can be very effective in certain circumstances. Besides, it is sometimes useless.”

Giuliani who says that Trump calls him “my Rudy”, two-three times a week talk to the president and visits the White House two times a month, and it often appears on television to protect Trump from various investigations.

It is expected that it will gather in the next weeks to discuss a role reprise of “a jack of all professions” which he played in 2016 when he helped the senior assistants to think out the political ideas often communicated with Trump and made free public statements.

“I consider that not all ideas of Rudi are ingenious, – the old adviser of Trump Michael Kaputo told, – but the vast majority of them, and I will take good with bad.”

Trump’s advisers agree that Giuliani brings the mixed bag of skills, but they told that it costs problems.

“I think that it can be the excellent warm-up act”, – the adviser of a campaign of Trump told. – To put him in the plane – a great idea. As the main envoy it can be negligent with details and also to leave a lot of shrapnel on the earth.”

Other close adviser agrees.

“We consider it as a necessary component of an overall picture because often there are messages which the president absolutely needs and wants to leave, and he carries out this role is skillful and vigorous”, – told this source. “It is the best way to characterize it. If not Rudy Giuliani, then to us it is necessary to invent him.”

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