Roscosmos and SpaceX lowered price of launching small satellites


Glavcosmos, a part of State Space Corporation Roscosmos has almost twice lowered launch prices for Soyuz-2 rockets of the CubeSat spacecraft and microsatellites in 2020. The US Company SpaceX also announced the price reduction of launching microsatellites to $15000 per kg.

The cost of launching 3U CubeSat (10x10x30 cm) will cost $170 thousand. Within the launch of microsatellites at the same missions, the company has already signed contracts with a number of customers for prices ranging from $15 thousand to $17 thousand per kilogram,” they said.

Last year, GK Launch Services set a price of 20-30 thousand dollars for launching a kilogram of cargo on the Soyuz-2.

The launch of associated payloads is one of the most dynamically developing markets, and the announced prices are aimed at anticipating the growing competition in it,” Evgeny Solodovnikov, GK Launch Services Sales Director said.

He recalled that the launch of the associated payloads on the Soyuz-2 missiles is popular, when small vehicles are launched with a large satellite. So, small spacecraft were launched from the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the interests of foreign customers in July, 29.

The company announced new prices in the US at the world’s largest conference on SmallSat.

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