Robert O’Brien noticed at A$AP Rocky’s hearing


When the hearing on A$AP Rocky and his security guarded started, president’s special envoy for hostage affairs Robert O’Brien was noticed that seemed a bit strange and surprisingly.

 Robert O’Brien admitted on his personal investigation on the US rapper case in which he and two men are convicted to the attack in behalf of US President Donald Trump. Special Envoy came Sweden by order of the White House.

The President asked me to come here and support these American citizens and we are working to get them home as soon as possible,” Robert O’Brien commented on his arrival.


One of the most important tasks of the Department of Foreign Affairs and US embassies and consulates abroad is to assist US citizens who are detained abroad. We are involved in all these cases at all levels to fulfil our mission towards American citizens”, US embassy spokeswoman Ruth Newman denounced.

The Americans often trouble with the laws in other countries to defend their interests. However, Special Envoy had to encounter with captured ones in the countries with more problematic legal system than Sweden, Stockholm Professor Merrick Tabor noted. Nevertheless, the Professor believes that his Robert O’Brien presence is “rather symbolic” and directly connected to Trump’s political game.

According to Swiss criminologist Fredrik Sjöshult, “it would be absurd if the Swedish judiciary treated him specially because of his star status and the risk of losing money because of the canceled concerts. <…> Rakim Mayers has not been arrested because of his reputation. He is now being prosecuted because there is robust evidence in the case.”

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