Right-wings group asked for protection online

On Wednesday many right-wing groups asked Congress to decline any change in law that produce the protection online.

The representatives of Congress and the White House have strengthened cyberattacks for the last time. Democrats often targeted at poor data privacy work, Republicans paid more attention to content moderation that approved liberal views.


Another groups such as FreedomWorks and American for Prosperity consider any changes in a law wrong and unreasonable. According to this groups, changes in 230 section would harm Republicans and Democrats equally.

Countless conservative voices benefit from the liability protections guaranteed by Section 230, and oppose any attempts to end this vital provision,” David Williams, president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, denounced. “The internet flourishes when social media platforms allow for discourse and debate without fear of a tidal wave of liability. Ending Section 230 would shutter this marketplace of ideas at tremendous cost.

The White House got a letter before an online summit where right-wing activists and such organisations as PragerU would take part in order to discuss the online works of media platforms which could be censoring for the Internet speech.

Online platforms power the American economy and conservative speech online, and it’s clear that many conservative and free market groups support maintaining Section 230,” vice president and general counsel Carl Szabo claimed. “It’s bad policy and bad politics for Republicans to attack Section 230.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website